Modern people can’t imagine how the world would look like without their smartphones. They are using these mobile devices to check their emails, buy things, chat, take photos and some of them are using them as credit card readers. Of course, you will have to buy additional equipment to use your mobile device as a credit card reader. We will use this article to present the best credit card reader for iPhone – Android. It’s a little bit difficult to choose one card reader and call it the best because businesses have different needs and that’s why we have created a short list of mobile credit card readrrs.

Datio POS Base Station

Now here’s a good example of a credit card reader made for iOS. This Datio POS Base Station is made with MFI hardware requirements in mind. Besides the credit card reader, this product comes with a scanner, printer, and a cash drawer. To put it simply, this is not a simple card reader, it’s an entire system. In addition to the hardware, users must pay a monthly fee for service, software use, and updates. There’s a reliable and efficient app that comes with this product.

POSimilicty Complete POS system

Now here’s another example of a product that is more than a simple credit card reader. This product is focused on restaurants and retail businesses that want to get an efficient POS system that is easy to customize without spending a fortune on it. The system includes a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and a tablet stand. It is up to the business owner to select the software plan they want to use. Don’t forget that this system is made for Android users.

PayPal Here V2 Mobile Card Reader

As you are probably aware, PayPal is the world’s most popular electronic payment service. It has millions of users and even more annual transactions. PayPal Here is a system that helps business owners transform their ordinary mobile devices into a payment solution. This system consists of a tiny card reader that can be connected to a smartphone and a free mobile application. With their help, you can accept credit cards and every transaction comes with a small fee.

Square Credit Card Reader

The list ends with Square Credit Card Reader, a small reader for Android devices. It comes with a free Square Register application which allows you to take credit card payments on your Android mobile device.